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- LORD Willing -

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26-31 Ontario Winter Bible School. Escape winter and join in warm fellowship around the Word of God with brothers and sisters. The theme for the week is: "Be Watchful and Strengthen the Things that Remain". Speakers: Bro. Brian Luke (Australia), Bro. Roger Long (UK) and Bro. Ron Kidd (London, ON). The School will be held at the Best Western Highland Inn, Midland, Ontario. For details and registration forms see our webpage www.ontariowinterbibleschool.com. Registrations to be sent to Sis. Barbara Kidd rbkidd@rogers.com 519-690-0391.

26-January 2 Texas Youth Conference at T4C. Bro. Max Wickham on "The Life of Joseph". Workbook and registration at www.texasyouthconference.com.

16-17 San Francisco Peninsula, CA Weekend with the Word. Ecclesial hall, 1536 James Ave., Redwood City, CA. Classes will begin at 1:00 pm on Saturday and end with the exhortation on Sunday. Bro. John Pople (San Francisco Peninsula, CA) will lead classes on "The Sign of the Dove." Saturday evening, the Norcal Preaching Committee will provide an update about the intention of the San Francisco Bay Area ecclesias to host a week-long P2P training session and coordinate volunteer/preaching activities in July 2011. Contact Sis. Ruth Ann Gover at 650-260-2694 or ragover@aol.com.

30 San Diego County, CA Annual Study Day. 9:30 am ecclesial hall, Bro. David Styles (Shelburne, ON). Lunch provided. Contact Bro. Kent Ellis ellisk@san.rr.com or 858-674-5645.

21-26 Palm Springs Bible School. The speakers will be Bro. Peter King (Birmingham, UK) and Bro. Clyde Snobelen (Victoria, BC). The school offers a wonderful environment for the mature adult to study God’s Word and enjoy the fellowship of other brothers and sisters. To register, please contact Bro. Jeff Gelineau at Register@christadelphianbibleschool.org or visit our website www.californiabibleschool.org.

MARCH 2010
13-14 Paris Avenue, OH. Spring study weekend to be held at the ecclesial hall. Our speaker will be Bro. Bryan Styles (Detroit Royal Oak, MI).

APRIL 2010
10-17 Florida Christadelphian Bible School. The speakers will be Bro. Stan Isbell of the North Houston, TX Ecclesia and Bro. Bill Link, Jr. of the Baltimore, MD Ecclesia.

JUNE 2010
20-25 Bozeman Bible Camp located at Bro. Paul Bottomley’s property. Speakers are Bro. Stuart Pearce (UK): "New every morning"; Bro. Mark Giordano (VA): topic to be announced. Contact information at bozemanbiblecamp.com. For registration and accommodations please contact Bro. Steve Faver (406) 388-3378 or sfaver@unitedagencies.com.


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