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Month Title
December 1998 The Pain Passes
January 1999 Don't Say it Meanly
February 1999 Pulling and Letting Go
March 1999 Bear Ye One Another's Burdens
April 1999 Big or Little Giants?
May 1999 Lessons From a Duck
June 1999 A Winning Combination
July 1999 Read First, Then Pray
August 1999 Paper! Paper!
September 1999 The Sin Store
October 1999 Grumble, Grumble, Grumble
November 1999 Man-made Gods Are No Gods At All
December 1999 No Message Ready
January 2000 One of You is Enough
February 2000 Tell the Turth
March 2000 The Carrot and the Stick
April 2000 Sailing against the Wind
May 2000 Check the Catalog
June 2000 Watch What You Watch
July 2000 Is Free Speech Free?
August 2000 Begin, Act, Move
September 2000 Sin Stinks
October 2000 Knowledge and Timber Need Seasoning
November 2000 What Are You Wearing?
December 2000 One Step at a Time
January 2001 Keep the Water Out
February 2001 Good Better Best
March 2001 Quiet Courage
April 2001 Whenners are not Winners
May 2001 It Might Have Been
June 2001 Integrity
July 2001 Practice Patience
August 2001 Ye Are the Light of the World
September 2001 Can a Cherished Belief be Wrong?
October 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease
November 2001 How to Face the Storms of Life
December 2001 Walk the Talk
January 2002 Commitment Without Involvement is Dead
February 2002 Giving Getting
March 2002 Remember Me For Good
April 2002 Choices, Choices, Choices
May 2002 Pressure - Not too Much and Not too Little
June 2002 Hurdles are to Jump
July/August 2002 The Family Parrot
September 2002 How to Survive a Snakebite
October 2002 Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up
November 2002 Where There is no Vision, the People Perish
December 2002 Room in the Bank
January 2003 86,400 Seconds a Day
February 2003 Look Up
March 2003 Listening to God
April 2003 Anger is a Bad Counselor
May 2003 To Serve, Not to be Served
June 2003 The Power of Love or the Love of Power
July/August 2003 The Storms in Our Lives
September 2003 The Triple Filter Test
October 2003 The Young and the Old
November 2003 Time is Like a River
December 2003 One Day At a Time
January 2004 How Are You?
February 2004 Remember to Say "Thank You"
March 2004 Cultivate Godly Vision
April 2004 Walking in the Way
May 2004 Walking in our Neighbor's Moccasins
June 2004 The Right Word
July/August 2004 Doers and Complainers
September 2004 Kick the Worry Habit
October 2004 Our Tongue
November 2004

Our Purpose in Life

December 2004

We Don't Know What We Think We Know

January 2005 Follow Me
February 2005 The Windows of the Heart
March 2005 The Hand
April 2005 Baloney Sandwiches
May 2005 Anger Makes Holes
June 2005 Do Thoughts Obey the Law of Gravity?
July/August 2005 Total Commitment
September 2005 Who Folds Your Parachute?
October 2005 Some Things Never Change
November 2005 How Do You Smell?
December 2005 Choices, Choices
January 2006 The Way of Life
February 2006 On the Lord's Side
March 2006 The Secret to True Happiness
April 2006 Little Differene in Falsehood and Useless Truth
May 2006 Anything Worth Doing
June 2006 Foot and Mouth Disease
July/August 2006 Walk Humbly With God
September 2006 Here is a Test
October 2006 Work Out Your Salvation
November 2006 "Grow Up!"
December 2006 "No More War!"
June 2008 "Be ye angry and sin not"
July 2008 How Much Do You Care?
September 2008 Life is a Test
January 2009 Seeing is Not Believing, But Believing is Seeing
February 2009 "Nothing shall offend them"
March/April 2009 The Pessimist and the Optimist
May 2009 Does ego stand for "Edging God Out?"
June 2009 One thing you can give and still your word
July 2009 Faith and Works
September 2009 Pushing Someone Up a Ladder
October 2009 Jesus is the Son of God but Not God the Son

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