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Month Title
December 1998 Job, Jesus and James
January 1999 Enoch
February 1999 Exodus
March 1999 Bible Code II (Ivan Panin and Biblical Numerics)
April 1999 The Daughters of Zelophehad
May 1999 Philemon
June 1999 Timothy
July 1999 Woman of Endor
August 1999 Romans
September 1999 Mountains in Ezekiel's Prophecy
October 1999 Paul's Living Letters
November 1999 Hosea and Gomer
December 1999 Micah
January 2000 Adding to or Taking Away from God's Word`
February 2000 The Leap Day Readings
March 2000 II Corinthians 2
April 2000 Ecclesiates
May 2000 Background on the Moabites
June 2000 Background on the Promises of God
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