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Month Title
December 1998 The New Pup
January 1999 A Touch of Paint
February 1999 The Stranger
March 1999 A Public Confession
June 1999 Beatitudes for Married Couples
July 1999 Joining Up
September 1999 Blinders
October 1999 The Ugly(?) Tree
November 1999 Forbearance
December 1999 Words Fitly Spoken
January 2000 Bare for All to See
February 2000 The Power of Example
May 2000 While Cleaning the Kettle
July 2000 Ears to Hear
October 2000 - No Title -
December 2000 Open-Air Baptism
March 2001 Two Roses
October 2001 Respiration
April 2002 Finding Spiritual Peace After The Death of a Child
May 2002 Discovery: A Unique Opportunity

Caring Giving: Providing Comfort and Compassion

June 2002 Submission
September 2002 Finding a Little Peace Now
October 2002 Control versus Faith
March 2003 Don't Miss Opportunities
April 2003 Worldwide Fear and the Coming of Christ
September 2003 I know the Why of Suffering
October 2003 A Practical Guide
November 2003 Devotional - The Bride and the House from Heaven (1)
December 2003 Devotional - The Bride and the House from Heaven (2)
January 2004 COMMENT - Women's Issues (1) - Introduction
February 2004 COMMENT - Women's Issues (2) - The Principle of Modesty
March 2004 COMMENT - Women's Issues (3) - The Principle of Submission


April 2004 COMMENT - The Unchosen Minority (1)
May 2004 COMMENT - The Unchosen Minority (2) - A Parent's Perspective
June 2004

COMMENT - Women's Issues (4) - Silence

COMMENT - The Unchosen Minority (3) - A Sibling's Perspective

September 2004

At the Sister's Tea - Now Abides Love

SELF-APPRAISAL - A Critical Attitude Towards Others

October 2004 At the Sister's Tea - Hope
January 2005

REMEMBRANCE - Remembrance of Sis. Mary Winifred Eyre

CELEBRATION - Sis. Drummond's 100th Birthday

February 2005

HISTORY - Controveries and Divisions

REMEMBRANCE - A Tribute to Mom

March 2005 Mark How You Mark!
April 2005

HISTORY - The Time it Worked: The Jerusalem Conference

DEVOTIONAL - Tenderly, Tenderly

May 2005

A MEMORIAL - Bro. N.A.W. Greene

COMMENT - Sowing Discord Among Brethren

DEVOTIONAL - Christians and the Law: A Guide for Christadelphians (1) Basic Principles

June 2005 DEVOTIONAL - The Divine Proportion
July/August 2005 CARIBBEAN EXHORTATION - An Appeal on the Basis of Love
September 2005 CHRISTIANS & THE LAW: A Guide for Christadelphians (2) - 'Submit to the Supreme Authority'
October 2005

IS GOD TOO EXCLUSIVE? Knowledge and Arrogance Part 1

DEVOTIONAL: A Meditation on Luke 5:12-13

November 2005


Secrets of the Mustard Seed

December 2005

COMMENT: Unholy Life

CARIBBEAN POETRY: In Appreciation of the Bible Companion

CARIBBEAN QUIZ: Dealing with Faults and Failings

January 2006

REVIEW: Augustine and Original Sin


March 2006

DEVOTIONAL: A Plant of Renown

CARIBBEAN APPEAL: No Place for Pharisees Here!

May 2006



June 2006 CHRISTIANS AND THE LAW (4): Oaths
July/August 2006 Meaningful Moments
September 2006 My Apple Pie
October 2006

Meaningful Moments

Three Brothers, Three Sunday Schools

Sunday School Programs

Walking in the Park

November 2006 Across the World from Eire to Australia

"Early one morning..."

"Beware the Tongue"

Meaningful Moments
December 2006 A Lesson from Long Ago

"Rejoice in Tribulations"

Check Your Balance Sheet
June 2008 The Prince Returns

Tamar the Upright

Who is "the Mighty God:? (Isaiah 9:6)
September 2008 The Nature of the Bread and Wine at the Table of the Lord: Does it Matter?

Music in Worship: "Lord Dismiss us with Thy Blessing"

Music in Worship: "Loud Organs, His Glory Forth Tell In Deep Tone"
January 2009 HISTORY: From Beyond Yours Walls: Some Lessons from a Road Less Traveled
February 2009 A Threat to Unity

The Almond and the Coin

Making Connections

Millstones and Gnats

"An old man, and full"
June 2009 The Locusts of Palestine

Why the Suffering
July 2009
September 2009 A Privilege and an Honor
October 2009 When the Ecclesia Fails Us

The Quest

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